Giving Your Community a Bad Name: Kim Davis

Everyone in the US is familiar with the case involving a County Clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, despite the federal court deeming that the ban on gay marriage is considered unconstitutional. The issue of her standing up for the “authority of God” and going to jail for contempt is divided. You’ve got the heavy handed Christians saying that her failure to do her job despite legal standings is some sort of religious martyrdom and then you’ve got the gay community who feel like they’re still facing persecution for their sexual orientation. Both sides are trying to ride the same fence and neither want to share.

Here’s the thing; regardless of what you believe, if your job requires you to do something you feel that strongly against LEAVE YOUR JOB. It’s that simple. Punishing other people in order to get media attention is not only childish it’s flat out unnecessary and the sad thing is if this was taking place with another religion in another situation no one would be on that person’s side.
Say for example a Muslim was working at the DMV and refused to issue drivers licenses to women because according to his God and his beliefs women should not be able to drive. That guy would be strung up in minutes and the media would have a completely different take on the situation. He’d get backlash from not only the proud Americans who still believe anyone who isn’t a Christian is the Devil, but feminists too. No one would be on his side, no one.

I’ve said already in a previous post that no one is bound to their job, no one in this country is held under strict do or die circumstances when it comes to their employment. Since the law was passed in June, Kim Davis had the last two months at least to get her shit together and leave her job if she did not agree with what her job required her to do now. Instead, she tried to do what a lot of stupid people do and make themselves out to be some sort of icon for their community and in this case, Christian’s love martyrs.

People leave their jobs every day for less serious and attention grabbing reasons. People leave because they’re not being paid what they believe they should be, they don’t like their coworkers, they hate their boss and even something as simple as they really just don’t like doing their job anymore. The working class always makes it work and they don’t turn it into a scandal. Granted, if I were to refuse to take women’s pants at my dry cleaner where I work because I believe women should be wearing dresses or skirts because of my religious beliefs; I’d probably be fired, not to mention the same problem with the feminists. I expect that sort of knee-jerk reaction to me being petty instead of finding a new job because that’s how common sense works. It’s the simple, plain truth that if at any point you’re working with the public, your opinion does not matter and you can’t force your opinion on other people and make decisions for them. It’s neither your place nor part of your job to do that.

We have to stop making everyone’s personal problems a whole community’s problem. If one person wants to be a dick you can’t turn it into a religious or race war. It’s fine to stand up for what you believe in and support those who believe the same way as you, but going against the law is making yourself out to look ignorant. It’s also common sense to know when to leave something alone and know when to get the pitch forks out. If it’s not causing any harm to anyone physically or emotionally, why get upset about it? More importantly, why make it everyone else’s problem? If you don’t agree that gay people should get married or exist for that matter because of your religious beliefs, then don’t be around them. You’re free to believe whatever you want but when you take it out on other people you’re creating senseless conflict. I believe based on my upbringing and personal tragedy that child molesters and pedophiles are terrible fucking people, it enrages me to know that they are out there hurting little kids. If I find one, however, I’m not going to murder them. I don’t want to go to jail. If I end up working for someone who wants me to give special treatment to open pedophiles, I’ll quit that job because guess what? I can!


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