Double Standards, People Love Them

If there is one debate that has never and probably will never be resolved in modern society is the topic of abortion. People are either “pro life” or “pro choice” and will contend for eternity who is right or wrong. Unfortunately, that topic and the moral ground on which it stands on is not typically decided by those whom have experienced the other side. People choose a side based on beliefs they are handed down from other people. On a rare occasion people will choose a side based on first hand experience, but their opinions are often one sided.

dd09e2080522a9bd1a5e955222c5b545One of my friends posted a meme style image of some 20 something woman with blue hair and a quote that contradicted itself. There is a message here that makes some amount of sense but they way in which it’s given doesn’t and here’s why:

First of all, if you “FULLY” believe in choice than you “FULLY” believe that abortion is a choice, that’s the end of the argument. If you want to add stipulations to what you believe in you have to use words like “almost entirely” or “mostly” so that we understand there is a clause coming to your statement. By starting your quote with “I fully believe in choice” you aren’t allowed to make any other contradicting points beyond that and not look like a fucking moron.

Second, people often cite that when they get an abortion they are making a decision about their own body, which is true. They are deciding whether or not their body will be carrying a fetus to full term. However this quote is saying that it’s not your body you are making the decision to terminate, which is also true. But here’s where it gets stupid: If you’re saying that you believe in choice and you have control over your body and then follow it up with aborting yourself then you are sending a mixed message. You’re saying you’re pro life only for the unborn fetus and pro choice for a woman or girl killing herself instead. If a woman makes the decision, because she has full control over her body, to end her own life than that’s ok. Life only counts for the unborn. So the question then becomes, if a pregnant woman kills herself is it still wrong? She’s aborting herself, she technically didn’t kill the baby, it died as a result of organ shut down and lack of nutrients and blood flow from the mother. Technically that’s a miscarriage, right?

One really ignorant argument I see on a lot of bumper stickers is “Your mother didn’t abort you” and that makes me really wonder if people who choose to use that statement realize no one actually asked to be here. Our parents made the decision to have children and we’re a result of that. I response to “Your mother didn’t abort you” is “Ok, what would that matter now if she did?” We obviously wouldn’t be having this conversation and on top of that, what if we would have preferred it for our mother to have got an abortion instead? LIfe is pretty fucking terrible sometimes. I for one wouldn’t have been born into an abusive household. My father wouldn’t have tried to rape me when I was 3. I wouldn’t have had to watch my parents choose drugs and alcohol over food and paying the bills and I wouldn’t struggle with depression and anxiety today.

The problem is people seem to think that women are out there getting an abortion every month instead of using contraceptives. There might be someone out there that does that, but abortion is not a fashion statement or a fun activity or hobby to get into. It’s a difficult decision accompanied by a very expensive procedure followed by a month of antibiotics to make sure they didn’t somehow miss any part of the placenta and you get an infection and die. The procedure is actually pretty painful and you run the risk of serious infection and illness afterwards. No one likes going through it.


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