Why Climate Change Looks Like a Religion, Not a Problem

Since roughly the 1990’s we’ve had this thing called “global warming” hanging over our heads. A planet wide temperature change that is going to and has been effecting the environment on multiple levels. There are several hard facts showing evidence of how the temperatures are rising and the ecosystem is suffering because of it. It’s only been recently however that we have settled on the reason behind it; CO2 emissions. This gas is created a barrier in which the radiation from the Sun is being trapped underneath our atmosphere and creating a pocket of inescapable heat. The majority of the scientific world can agree that this is the problem, but scientists have a hard time getting the masses to agree. Why?

Since the time of Al Gore this problem has been presented to the people as a guilt trip. The blame is set before the problem and the solution has been extremely vague, misdirected and at times incorrect. Which is very confusing and really puts people off. Even though this is a very serious problem, those that present the problem do so in a way that makes each and every individual feel as though they are personally responsible for this global devistation. The life choices they make, the products, energy and fuel they consume alone has caused the climate to change and the temperatures to rise. Pretty clear examples of why and how regular consumption leads to these changes has been shown, but there never has been a proper solution. It just comes across as “sinful”. Wasting energy, the current state of supply versus demand and the depletion of natural resources is put on every person’s shoulders like they are sinners.

I use this term because it reminds me of the early days of Christianity when the church attempted to gain control of the majority and did so by claiming every day, mundane behaviors were going to ruin a person’s immortal soul. No alternatives are given, no solution to the problem–it was just flat out bad. Climate change is treated the exact same way.

I saw an article on my Facebook feed from Discovery, saying that we’ve already used our fair share of natural resources for the year. This post reminded me of how climate change is usually explained on news articles, websites and videos that use the “shock value” to get people’s attention. We as individuals are not given a number of which we can see and adhere to in regards to our resource consumption, which I believe is hurting the progression of solving this problem. I know if I were told I could only use x amount of natural gas, electricity, plastic products, etc. I would abide by it, especially if there was fines involved. I’m sure the majority of the population would feel the same way. But there’s no rhyme or reason to it. We’re told that unless we live off of the land entirely, we’re hurting the Earth. We’re directly causing it’s demise.

When we’re only told “no, stop that” and not given an explanation or even told what to stop doing, naturally we’re going to keep doing it. Especially when we’ve been lied to before. Sadly, some of the people who are really passionate about this situation don’t help it either. I had an Astronomy Professor in college who took this captive audience as an excuse to go on a “Climate Change Deniers” rant every day for about two hours. He was one of those people who would give vague solutions, make each of us feel guilty about our lives and ultimately tell you you’re an idiot if you question the validity of climate change. It became a case of “shun the nonbeliever”. He would turn the class against someone who didn’t agree with his opinion, which is dangerous and very similar to what religions do.

All and all I think we need to take a second look at how we’re approaching this problem. Trying to scare people into taking your side isn’t helping. It’s no better than the people who picket outside of abortion clinics with pictures of dead fetuses. Not working on how and when we should create limits doesn’t help either.


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