Why It Sucks Living in New Mexico

Gallup,_New_MexicoDon’t let Breaking Bad, the Balloon Fiesta or the Tram fool you; New Mexico is a shit-hole.

I’ve lived in the “Land of Enchantment” for 7 years this February and I hate every minute of it. The problem is, once you’re rooted here, it’s very difficult and very expensive to leave. While I scrimp and save every last penny to find a way out of here, let me take a minute to tell you about why New Mexico is one of the worst states in the continental US.

  1. The Crime
    Ranking the worst out of all 50 states in burglary, New Mexico sees more break-ins, armed robbery, and theft than anywhere else. We have a saying here, “If it’s not bolted down, someone’s going to take it, unless you put a sign that says FREE on it” and it’s sadly very true. For some reason there is a huge sense of self entitlement that leads New Mexicans to believe everything and anything you’re capable of walking away with is yours.
    If that’s not bad enough, New Mexico also ranks the as the second worst in rape, third in violent crimes and property crime and thirteenth in murder.
    One of the worst crimes I’ve ever heard of was a man whom while high on meth, raped an 8 month old baby so violently that she needed organ reconstruction just last year.
    Not bad enough for you? How about the West Mesa Bone Collector whom targeted 11 similar looking girls and buried their mangled corpses outside of Albuquerque’s West Side.
  2. The Education System
    Albuquerque Public Schools are some of the worst in the nation, and New Mexico does nothing about it. With a staggering 66% of children finishing high school in New Mexico, our education system suffers a great deal year after year. 16% of New Mexicans age 16 and older have a reading level of 1 out of 5, which is equivalent to barely being able to read a book meant for grade school kids.
    In 2013, New Mexico became the lowest ranked state in the country for child well-being.
  3. The Wealth Gap
    You can drive through Santa Fe or Albuquerque and see the clear and definite line of where poverty begins. Starting at the foothills of the Sandia Mountains are some of the richest of Albuquerque’s population and as you head further west to the Rio Grande, the neighborhoods become noticeably worse. There are those that make 6 figures a year that are only two blocks away from meth labs. The unfortunate truth about the matter is that New Mexicans don’t care on either side of the fence. The wealthy won’t stop to help the poor and the poor won’t do anything to better their situation.
  4. The Economy
    New Mexico’s minimum wage is $7.50/hr. Albuquerque’s minimum wage is $8.75/hr if your employer doesn’t offer you health benefits (which they don’t). If you don’t want to live a neighborhood that will guarantee you’ll get your house broken into or you’ll get stabbed just trying to take the trash out, then your rent will likely be upwards of $800 a month, not including utilities, for a mere 600sqft or less apartment.
    Trying to make ends meet on that sort of paycheck is nearly impossible and isn’t helped by the fact that jobs paying any more than minimum wage require at least a 4 year degree. Not a degree in anything relevant to the job, just a degree in something. With the cost of higher education rising every year, people are not able to hold down a job and go to school. So that means if you don’t have a BA yet, you’re competing for a job that the other 44% of New Mexicans want too.
  5. DWI Fatalities
    Alcohol might as well be running through the taps in our houses with the amount of DWI arrests and DWI fatalities that occur every year in New Mexico. 30% of all traffic related deaths are alcohol related and 54,000 residents are 3rd time offenders.

All in all I am not a fan of New Mexico and I’m eagerly awaiting being able to leave. I’m sure there are worse places to live (like Detroit) but the charm of the Southwest is dead.


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    • Kay says:

      I am from MN now here for 3 years and I am so sick of the Sun I hope to get back to Minnesota before March of 2017 you can’t meet anybody here people are rude user and it’s filthy


    • Alene says:

      I agree with everybody about the New Mexico , I Detest THIS STATE! In 2016 73% or 76% of the births were welfare babies.
      We are leaving for good in 2 years!!😄


  1. Given says:

    24 years stuck in the same shit-hole of a state. After living in a dozen different places around the country and abroad, this is the absolute worst, and not getting any better. Santa Fe is no better than Albuquerque. Expensive, mean and pretentious.


  2. I just moved here from California. I had a dui 7 years ago there, paid my dues, license in good standing etc. My Ca license is expiring in a week and law says that if I want a NM license I have to have AN INTERLOCK DEVICE ON MY CAR FOR A YEAR.


  3. I think I’ve now tried to teach high school Math in “all four corners” of this state. That’s IT, I’m done trying to use my New York state Secondary Mathematics teaching license ANYWHERE. The Denver Math Fellows program is “mentorship” not classroom teaching so it doesn’t require the teacher license to be transferred to Colorado but that doesn’t mean that won’t turn into another kind of crap – urban crap and nonsense instead of “rural” crap and nonsense. At least if I have to buy the damn books myself I’ll already BE in Denver instead of having to haul it the 9 hours’ drive TO Denver to get the books. “Book” is a four-letter word in New Mexico but you can’t teach Calculus without them. Not when there are also no computers. No internet service companies that will serve the area. Electricity and running water are a problem. No or very little pavement. Nearest selection of stores, other than a Wal-Mart, is probably DENVER. (I mean a GOOD selection of stores, not Albuquerque.)

    The only redeeming quality is that car registration and insurance is cheap (compared to places I’ve been and tried to register an older, paid-for car). I’ve got to find some other state to live in, hopefully get and keep a job in my field, and register the car – like some state where older cars are exempt from smog requirements if there are any. Problem is I’m Native American and most states, most places, won’t hire me to teach Math or Physics once they see me. I have a law degree; same goes for practising law. (No matter how “suited and booted” I am when they see me) I’m thinking about going and getting my PhD in Mathematical Computational Biophysics somewhere in France and seeing if they’ll at least hire me to teach ENGLISH there.


  4. I agree. Not a fucking thing works in NM. It’s POS state. From crappy food. Highprices. not a god damn thing offered that BASIC to other places I’ve lived in; The drivers ride up on your ass. Or in middle of the road. Tech in NM is pathetic. Science in NM is pathetic. Education is laughably bad. The job market is about like scrappy your ass with a rusty razer. I here way to many times “10. bux an our aint that good?” (no) Dental basically doesn’t exist. Cerillos traffic is insanity. How the hell does it take 30 minutes drive from the paseo to airport? it’s only about 3 mabie 4 miles. In car that should be 12-15 minutes. Just needs to be rebooted as far as I can tell. That aint happening in my life time.


  5. Jim says:

    I have lived here for over 66 years. This is the land of entrapment, not the land of enchantment. Low wages and high cost insure that you will never be able to leave. Unless you simply walk out with your hands empty.

    I pay my insurance and insurance for those who do not, which is every other driver, on the street. Not to mention the stolen unlicensed vehicles on the road. Don’t forget the illegal aliens who are at a 1:1 ration with natural citizens. Who drive with no license, insurance, or registration.

    I lost my job due to illness. I went on disability. Would you believe I have to pay an extra $6000.00 a year to the state for taxes. On disability which is only a third of what I pulled down working. All the while the standard deductions are taken out of disability check any way. This place is a joke, as I watched all my friends retire and leave because of the gouging taxes. The population of the state is dropping several thousand a year. While the medicaid cost get higher and higher as more non citizens set up camp.

    While the illegals are marching across the southern border. Looking like a biblical plague swarming over the landscape. Stopping to get SSSI, welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and everything free they can. To include anything of yours they desire. Those who are entitled to your things have arrived.

    The state list the population at just near 2,000,000. While the number of of those on Medicaid number 980,000. The police will pull you over and beat you, stun-gun, abuse, and even shoot you in the back several times for the fun of it. New Mexico leaves a vacuum of emptiness in everyone who comes near it.

    There is no manufacturing or industrial work here.There is no work here other than fast food or retail. If you have your own business, it will soon be forced out by tax gouging and idiot administration moves from the state and city.

    Prices are out side the atmosphere. Some places are starting to list the retail at arbitrary high values then listing the sale price as regular price. Example: Kohl’s will list an item at $550.00 but on clearance for $126.99 for a set of aluminum pans that cost $49.99 on line.

    New Mexico depends on the tourist to come in and spend their money at the fast food and retail outlets before the get robbed and killed. That is what sustains the State economy.

    Don’t get me started on property taxes. When I first moved in 15 years ago. I paid $75.90 for my land tax. Now just 15 years later it is at 1850.00 a year. This year we have been told it will go up considerable as the county needs millions more to go out and screw up more of everything they touch.

    While I had to go to school, get the diplomas and degrees I needed to obtain and keep a good job. The job place now is full of non English speaking numb nuts. Most undocumented and demanding that all non Spanish speaking personnel learn Spanish. They demand that the workplace observe the holidays they have. You have to be very careful not to offend anyone or you get written up. Just raising an eyebrow incorrectly can lead to workplace drama.

    New Mexico sucks a big one. Not the land, just the idiot numb nutted dimwits that run the state.
    Government, policies, taxes, wages, law enforcement and Judaical process are all filled with nothing but everyone’s brothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, mothers and fathers. Who are all entitled to get the pay but not required to do the work.

    Now I have pissed myself off again. I hate this place.

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    • Elizabeth says:

      New Mexico truly is backwards. The teachers are terrible here..I attribute that to The colleges in New Mexico that educate our teachers. The state needs to investigate the Education program at these local colleges. Or should I say , an out of state agency that is from a top school district state should investigate. Our young population is uneducated for the most part. I find that the Educated youth are from wealthier families. My advice to anyone that wants to leave this State is “just do it”! The longer you stay here the more complacent you get. I am leaving, my children will not come back here. It is true the employment here is scarce and if you do have a job, they pay you enough to get by but not enough to pack up and leave this dump. I noticed the Realtors here are like a pack of hungry wolves. They fight over crumbs. They are also stupid enough to pay their Real Estate Brokerage company close to 50% of their Real Estate Commission. Which includes some expenses. That is “old school” Real Estate. Realtors are to sharp to put up with that in other states.
      The Realtors and Mortgage people (not all) but most are party people and not too sharp. We ran across a few Realtors that are sharp ..and they have their own brokerage. These are Individuals recognizing that the Real Estate companies are out to use them.
      Realtors, Sandia base employees, and Government workers create the job pool here. Leave now or shrivel up and die here! Counting down the days when I say “Adios New Mexico ” for good!


      • Education in NM is terrible partially because as you say martinez squarnred money on god knows what and keeps canceling stuff. The cow can join her BFF 45 under the old folks home for bonkers. I made the mistake of trying to go into teaching here. I don’t know where to begin with the backwards what the? crap? “Do you know excell” (not reely because that not my speciality) “don’t you have a highschool degree? (I have one masters and working a second) ABQ Public Schools aplication and screening system is so broken it still asked how many ‘unit hours are you working on’ and when asked for 5 refrences (litterally) when 2 of them where ‘other their system broke and filed it under incplete. I provided a skill based online resume, the schools, urls, email and phone number where I last worked and had gotten my first masters from (project managment and orginaizational thunking. All I could do was laugh because some one didnt beta test their website. (oops) and theyeven Adjucnt teachers less than they do janitors. I wanted to try my hand at special needs assistance. NM Public School wasn’t any better. one of the project leads (I’ll call him Fred) ‘How do you feel about ‘gender optional staff’ ‘are you shure at your stage in life you’ll fit into our metrics’ (I am not making this one up either): Their anouncement for tech assistance clearly states urgent need for someone to (try) to solve problems because the previus person quit. suddenly.It doesn’t say anything about getting people into their system(that’s on the principal) Their ‘screening for tech compency” “can you print” (…) “do you know how to use excell (…) “can you write a memo” (that’s a scritary thing so as to keep track of all momo’s and know best practices” At wich point Fred litterally said er uh uh er uh uh uh uh eeer uh ‘ uh uh) Irony: I have 5 reject letters from UC-Berkley for tech support. litterally sitting in a inbox. That’s bad. The small silverlining though? They got back to me after about a day or so with some excuse about finding someone. I suspect their is a significantly bigger issue with the job market than just NM. But it’s relies on nm. Santa Fe has jack all for youth coulture and a inept city management


      • Elizabeth says:

        My suggestion is pick a state where you would like to live.
        Sell your house ( if you own one )
        Sell as many belongings as you can so that you’re not moving excess furniture etc. ( sometimes the cost of moving furnishings really isn’t worth it. Other states have furniture stores that are afforadable and great selection of furniture. I always buy new because you do don’t want anybody’s dirty furniture… It could also have bedbugs. . New Mexico furnishings I find are very expensive. There are fewer furniture stores here so they can charge higher prices also , they have to make up for the lack of consumers /sales. . Arizona has a place called Living Spaces that is affordable and has great furniture. I love their styles. You can check them out online . I’m just giving an example of what is available in other states. New Mexico is actually very expensive for being so poor. Everybody charges more because they don’t have as consumers to purchase their goods. So they have to make it up charging you more.
        Once you move , if you don’t purchase a home or townhome then just rent a place. Whether it be an apartment or perhaps a house or a townhome. If it’s just you and your mom you can rent a small house or townhome. Research the cities that you want to live in to check out the crime the amenities and perhaps try to live someplace where you’re within walking distance of conveniences.
        If you cannot get a job right away my advice is to work at Starbucks, they pay great and they will also pay for your college. They also have great benefits and health insurance.
        Don’t get stuck here, my children moved and they have progressed not only in their personal life but their professional life. New Mexico holds people back.
        Good luck and I hope to hear from you if you move so you can tell me about your adventure!


      • Alfred Puglisi says:

        not onl,y that Sarah, as some people here who have never lived anywhere else do not understand, you sell your house here and you might be able to use that money to buy a cardboard box under a bridge in any other state. We have the lowest real estate values in the country. This state has always been a state, since before it became a state, where the wealthy have drained the poor and the poor and middle class cannot get out, can’t afford to.Believe me, we are looking and have looked in many places in other states, until I get some money that is not spoken for, it ain;t gonna happen. And as long as we keep playing patrone and good ole boy politics here, nothing will change. It never has in a hundred years. We are still at the bottom of every heap, like we were 100 years ago and always have been.If you are a young person and just getting out of college…get out now, before you have anything to trap you here. Get out. Get out. Get out.


    • Cindy says:

      Man I luv u ! Everyone I meet fkn luvs it here! These people are so fkn dumb that I rack my brain just trying to figure out why….I mean how can an entire city be so dumb ? With an acception of about 10 percent. They all drive on the wrong side of the road too ! What is that about !?!?! Then they act like you talked about their mother if you say you hate it here! I cud care less if someone hates something….its like get a life ! Get mad about important shit ! But they can’t because they have no clue what important means,because they are so dumb ! Poor things really.


  6. Gork says:

    Heh ” new mexico–I won’t stay, new messico, I won’t stay! Got some what-were-they-thinking? people! I just say: NO! I might take a train. I might take a plane. How do people live here? ya must be High(and insane)”


  7. Fed Up says:

    Of course New Mexico is a shit hole… Anything that has Mexico is the name is suspect. The state is overwhelmingly Mexican, with all of the problems that go with it. Violence, crime, poor education, poverty, no respect for women, on and on. Give it back to Mexico, everyone will be happy, Mexicans, Mex-Americans and most importantly Americans.



  8. What a looser of a state says:

    HUMM, everyone is saying how embarrassed they are over the riots at the Trump rally. I actually thought it was great. It shows to the rest of the United States and even the world what we have to put up with here. Police who do not have one living brain cell among the whole lot of them.

    Politicians who are in the back pocket of big money and special interest groups. Mexican nationals running around flying the Mexican piece of shit flag. Breaking and entering, trashing, burning assaulting anyone they can all with out fear. The state thrives on their presence to buy food and gas for the next riot to keep the economy going. The illegals keep the state employees in welfare and social programs in a cushy job. I even get AARP mail to me in pig Latin Spanish because they assume everyone here is an illegal wad of crap.

    I do not find Trump all that inviting to elect into office. However compared to Clinton, Trump is a saint. I will vote for him to build the wall, and build it higher. For all those who say shame shame on me for saying such a thing. Before you start jacking your jaw, come on out and stay here for a week or two. Specially in a riot or a Mexican fiesta (same thing). Then when you and or your family members are shot down, robbed, raped, kidnapped, and or sold into slavery. Then let me here you say shame on me. Instead you will be at the wall with a rivet gun yelling faster…faster.

    The company I worked with left this ass wipe state and will never come back to the Southwest. We lost our jobs and the state lost over $500,000 in tax revenues a year. Not to mention general business practices that pumped millions into the economy every year.

    I am a victim directly and indirectly caused by the influx of illegals pouring into the state. This place eats green shit. I am leaving when I finish my current obligations. I will wipe my ass on the leaving New Mexico sign at the border as I go by. This state is number one in everything bad and dead last in anything that could be good.


  9. Land of Entrapment says:

    Albuquerque is an embarrassment. I work in the tourism industry, which is the only half way viable private sector job category here. That’s sad enough, but i have to explain how it really is here to people from all over the WORLD. I watch the expressions on my clients’ faces go from puzzled to concerned to horrified. You would think I’d try to talk this State up… I do. I tell my clients to stay the hell away from Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Espanola, and Gallup. Santa Fe is the only place of touristic value (unless natural history or geology is your thing). Even Santa Fe is Questionable. There are some redeeming things about the state as a whole, but all of them are overshadowed by the absolute SHIT CAMP that is Albuquerque. I’m not going to go into the illegal alien thing… it’s been discussed at length. The problem I have is with the CITIZENRY. Choose your friends very carefully. There is a culture of screwing over and selling out. Just a bunch of ignorant assholes whose only reason for living is drinking. The economy is about to get worse. much worse. There are two initiative in the works right now that will kill small business in general and decimate old route 66 in particular.

    ATTENTION WOMEN… If you are thinking of moving here, Don’t. If you made that mistake already Just make sure you are super cautious about choosing boyfriends. There are few “men” here. Most of them are just BOYS who are old enough to drink legally and fuck. That’s all they care about. You will soon find yourselves used, pregnant, and out of luck. These BOYS are extremely manipulative. There are a few good ones here, but they are either taken already or very rare. I SAY THIS AS A MAN MYSELF.

    ATTENTION MEN… As stated above, don’t move here. There are plenty of beautiful, curvy, ladies here. Make no mistake about that. Most of them have warped minds due to being used from a very early age. I got lucky and married a good one from a good family that wasn’t damaged. That’s RARE. So say you don’t want to settle down, just want to play the dating game (I understand that). You run the very real risk of becoming trapped especially if you are a MAN and not a BOY. This is because there are so many pieces of shit floating around out here that the ladies wont want to let you go. Even if there’s a “no fault” breakup, her brothers, cousins, uncles and so on will seek revenge for insulting their family. Don’t think you can “take care of yourself” these people fight dirty. They’ll burglarize you, slash tires, shoot at your house, do anything they can… not just kick your ass.

    Land of Entrapment.


    • Elizabeth says:

      New Mexico truly is backwards. The teachers are terrible here..I attribute that to The colleges in New Mexico that educate our teachers. The state needs to investigate the Education program at these local colleges. Or should I say , an out of state agency that is from a top school district state should investigate. Our young population is uneducated for the most part. I find that the Educated youth are from wealthier families. My advice to anyone that wants to leave this State is “just do it”! The longer you stay here the more complacent you get. I am leaving, my children will not come back here. It is true the employment here is scarce and if you do have a job, they pay you enough to get by but not enough to pack up and leave this dump. I noticed the Realtors here are like a pack of hungry wolves. They fight over crumbs. They are also stupid enough to pay their Real Estate Brokerage company close to 50% of their Real Estate Commission. Which includes some expenses. That is “old school” Real Estate. Realtors are to sharp to put up with that in other states.
      The Realtors and Mortgage people (not all) but most are party people and not too sharp. We ran across a few Realtors that are sharp ..and they have their own brokerage. These are Individuals recognizing that the Real Estate companies are out to use them.
      Realtors, Sandia base employees, and Government workers create the job pool here. Leave now or shrivel up and die here! Counting down the days when I say “Adios New Mexico ” for good!


    • Elizabeth says:

      You are correct when you say the economy is getting worse in New Mexico.
      It’s 2017, I just read an article on New Mexico economy…It is predicted that New Mexico will not recover for many years . That being said I’m just counting the days down. I will be leaving New Mexico the end of this year 2017.
      I recently spoke to two people that were previous politicians in New Mexico. One was a high-ranking judge, the other was high-ranking with the city of Albuquerque.
      The high-ranking judge said he’s leaving as soon as he retires..Which is within the next year. Another high ranking person that worked for the city of Albuquerque had temporarily moved to Arizona for medical treatment. During his medical treatment he would commute back-and-forth between Albuquerque and Arizona. He recently retired and sold his house in Albuquerque and permanently moved to Arizona. He said the problem with Albuquerque is “NOBODY CARES”.. I find this to be true.. ..


  10. Teena says:

    I moved to Aztec from Texas in 2005. Talk about culture shock! The drunks and meth addicts were bad enough, but even the police were committing crimes. There was someone in the sheriff’s office that drove for a relative in a drive by shooting, there were some cops caught drunk driving and shoplifting.

    Philanthropy was nonexistent, there was a lady that was the treasurer of a school group in Farmington who stole a large portion of money that the kids had worked hard to earn. I was sure that one of the prominent families or oil companies would step in and make sure the kids could go on their trip. (The Texas town where I’m from would have had several of them helping.) Not one offer was made to help these kids.

    I had the same name as a lady that was a police dispatcher. My realtor was trying to reach me to pickup a check and mistakenly called her. She showed up to claim the check. When he told her she was the wrong person, she tried to argue that she was the correct person.

    The only plus, my driver’s license picture looked like a movie star. Unfortunately, Texas took possession of it when I moved back.


    • Clair says:

      NM is a nasty, political corrupt, inept justice system, sewage pool of savagery.
      My grand parents came out here at the turn of the century (1900) and began to carve out
      a livable hospitable place to exist and raise a family. Fighting weeds dirt and at times facing
      famine. Now my grandparent, mother and father, all buried in the land they worked so hard
      to tame. I am ready to leave it all. Just another few years to finish up some obligations.
      There is nothing left, taxes keep going up, prices are out of control. Undocumented (illegal aliens) running to and fro destroying and stealing everything. I have had it. With just my wife and I still left. We are getting out while we can. I can not find the words to describe this crap load of garbage this state is. What a change from 50 to 100 years can make.


  11. Jai says:

    I have been stuck here in NM for nine yesrs. I am saving money and planning my move to Colorado within this next year. This is the rudest, most racist & unfriendly state I have ever lived in!! It is gray and brown and ugly all year round. There is nothing to do except go to church or a mall. I live in the four corners region. If I want to do anything fun or see anything beautiful I have to go for a long drive. I have been so depressed living here. Moved b/c of family. Can’t wait to leave. Seriously, don’t move here. It’s awful!


  12. Elizabeth says:

    This town is Brown town..ugly, dry, and can be windy on a regular basis.
    Espanola is consider the “Heroin Capital”.
    I would estimate 90% of the population in
    Espanola are addicted to the drug.
    Lots of corruption here with the politicians. Prisons are over crowded, as a result , criminals get away with crime because there is no room for them in Prison. They get probation for some very series crimes. Jealousy runs ramped here..:families are jealous of one another (especially if a member of the family happens to succeed in life). People in general are jealous and think you owe them if you have more than them.
    In a Piñon Shell this place SUCKS!


  13. E. Max Randall says:

    Yes, being a deep blue, corrupt, Democratic-controlled state for generations has put us at the bottom of too many good lists and at the top of too many bad lists. However, a site like this is positive in that it may persuade those clueless progressive-liberals from California and the Northeast from relocating here and making New Mexico even worse and more and more like the insane, far-left, socialist cesspools that were the reason they left those places in the first place to relocate here…


    • Tiff Henderson says:

      You are so delusional to think the plight of New Mexico is the democrats’ and liberals’ fault. Those two political parties are progressive, not oppressive…which the republicans are. This state is a shithole because the corrupt government (S.Martinez-Republican) is vehemently opposed to progress. The government wants to keep the “good ole boy system” alive and well to continue to suck off the federal money teat, while they fight new industry and good ideas…like legalized recreational marijuana. This is a third world country within the U.S.- make no mistake! NM has never been progressive and never will because of the perpetual stupidity running it. Colorado (our very close neighbor) currently has the #1 economy in the U.S, and Stupid NM cannot and will not learn from their success strategies. This state would rather continue on the path of poverty, deplorable crime rates, record breaking drug addiction, worst education system in the country, few if any weak prospects, and being the laughing stock of the nation rather than make progressive changes. Good luck with your delusion and despicable state! I am out of here & having nothing redeeming to say about this star.


  14. CM says:

    The aliens (illegal defecated pieces of shit for people) have arrived. It started with a pile of shit walking up the road. Turning over trash cans, breaking mirrors off of parked cars. Throwing rocks through windows of homes on the block. Going over under around and through every barrier fence and wall. Doors locked or not do not even slow them down. They come in and take what ever they want and destroy what they leave behind. The house next door is destroyed. There is nothing left.

    They bring in stolen cars and strip them on the side of the road. The place looks like a war zone or more descriptive, it looks like any town in Mexico now.

    Calling the sheriffs dept will do no good. They will not come out as this is a safe zone for illegals. The cops can’t even ask them for id.

    Just waiting for the wife to retire. Then we are leaving this shit pile. The state is loosing thousands of people every year. The good are leaving. Interesting article in the paper.

    The population grew by 20 something thousand last year. That is the tally after taking the 45 thousand who left subtracted from the 60 some thousand babies born under medicaid.

    The only reason for the illegals is the free money, welfare, food stamps, housing and healthcare they get. If we take that away, they will go away. Think about it.

    No I am not a raciest. Many of my friends are Spanish. Even the Spanish can’t stand the Mexican. Yes there is a difference.


  15. Dave Sharp says:

    I moved away from ABQ in 1990, the economy was in the tank then but being a white 25 year old college educated man, I was turned down for employment as a dishwasher at the Monte Vista. Yes there is rampant racism against white people in New Mexico. I am now a CEO of a successful business in Denver and came back to visit in 2017 and found that things look worse than they did 27 years ago.

    Albuquerque has devolved and will continue to devolve.

    If you are young motivated person who wants to make something of your life, GET OUT OF NEW MEXICO AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!

    Also I cannot believe the piss poor planning for the Central Ave. ART project. The construction has dragged on so long that multitudes of businesses have closed up. This only reinforces my beliefs that high school kids could run this city better than the inept and corrupt status quo!


    • Yes! College educated and get denied dish-washing jobs at various restaurants. I can’t find anything besides call center where they treat people like filth. Best advice to get the hell out of here without a job?


  16. Land of Entrapment says:

    I know I left a reply some time ago, but I have new insight as to why New Mexico really is a shitty place. It’s nothing new really but I had an experience the other day. I found out by my neighbor (who doesn’t suck) that for the past three nights, Someone has been casing my house. I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. The person or people have been coming around from who knows where. Just goes to show you that there is no escape from the human garbage that inhabit this landfill of a state. No matter what neighborhood you live in. I wish I had some constructive advice for anyone who is trying to leave this place I really do. If you don’t have a job and want to leave appeal to relatives for a bus ticket. Maybe start a gofundme thing. Chances are that the rest of the country knows just how shitty this place is (if they don’t, try posting some statistics or offer stories) and will help you out. Casinos aren’t really that bad to work for. maybe look there.


  17. P says:

    Wow! Do not…I repeat DO NOT move to New Mexico! You will be very sorry you did just as I am now. The absolute worst drivers. Crime is rampant….you take a life risk at every street corner in Albuquerque …smells like a dirty diaper every where you go. I could literally go on and on. Just take my advice! The jobs here are very low scale and virtually non-existent. The Casinos get expensive quickly. The Casino employees are friendly, but sadly are treated poorly. I highly recommend avoiding this state at all costs. Take a detour drive around this state..avoid it like the plague! One more year left to fulfill my obligations and I am soooo out of here! I’m counting down the days with agony.
    Be wise and stay safe!!!


  18. Mchel de Hauteville says:

    As others have stated – New Mexico is a crime infested, corrupt, shit hole of a state, where you pray you are not going to be robbed, car-jacked, killed by a drunk driver, or shot intentionally or by mistake on your way to and from work – and where you hide out in your home during the evening hours praying that your car is not broken into in your driveway, that a stray bullet doesn’t find you through the walls or roof during the frequent gang shootouts here, and that you are not the grand prize winner of tonight’s really tragic home invasion. Yeah, it is really that bad here. Really, really, really.

    Please – if you are thinking about coming here – don’t. Don’t stay for the day, don’t stay for the evening or night, just keep driving to some small town, in some other state with bed bugs and relative safety.

    Every night people park their car or truck and or moving van, U-Haul trailer in some New Mexico town, and their lives are turned inside out when everything they own is stolen. Literally, every night there is a news story about someone losing everything to thieves here.

    Believe it! If you come here – you are more likely to be robbed, burglarized, car-jacked, threatened on the street at knife or gunpoint, kidnapped, murdered at random than almost anywhere else on earth.

    Not long ago a body was dumped in Albuquerque in a Walt-Mart Parking lot (minus a head and genitals) Mexican cartels.

    Yes, I have truly come to hate this state. I hate living here because every day here is dangerous and uncertain.

    I cannot wait to leave – to live in relative safety almost anywhere else. Chicago, or Baltimore maybe.


  19. E says:

    New Mexico makes me so depressed. I’ve tried to find enjoyable things about NM but everything feels subpar. Don’t let the “New” in New Mexico fool you: About 90% of the things here are outdated by at least 50 years. And even though New Mexico is technically apart of the USA, it doesn’t feel like it. In fact, if you took pictures of Central right now you could probably convince somebody that you were in a third world country. Unless if you want to live far away from anywhere relevant, neighborhoods in Albuquerque really have no consistency in terms of quality or decent location. None of the parks have bathrooms, probably because of the rampant homelessness. At least every other corning in Albuquerque you will find a homeless person. Is it any wonder why New Mexico has one of the flattest population growths?

    New Mexico could be great, just not in my lifetime and I’m not even 30 yet. I don’t want to be trapped here, I already feel how much I’m missing out on just by being here. New Mexico has not caught up with the real world.


  20. Ken says:

    Wow. Thanks……I guess. My wife and I are looking to get away from NYC and have driven around the country for the past three years, each time for a few weeks. We came to Albuquerque a couple days ago and thought, maybe this place is it.

    Remember, we come from NYC and live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where the rent for our apartment is over $3000 per month, so we know pretentious assholes when we see them. Sante Fe was so full of them I literally told my wife I would love to run through the streets with a machete. The place was chock full of douchebags who looked like they felt they were so much above everyone else. Being from NYC, I have seen every type of person in existence and am very cool with anyone, but the pretentiousness was so bad I literally laughed at some of them as we crossed paths. They were trying so hard to show that they were rich and sophisticated, but just looked like douchebags. The items in the shops are so absurdly overpriced (we only looked at the items in the windows). Everywhere we went were the birkenstock-wearing “men” and their hippy wives.

    We saw far too many “Feel the Bern” stickers, and one in particular that said “Freedom isn’t free. Stop whining and pay your taxes.”. I’ll bet that less than 1/10thv1% of them ever served in the military. I did, my dad did, and my son is a USMC aviator flying in the middle east right now. Seems like he’s bombing the wrong place.

    I only mentioned the rent in NYC because we aren’t rich, fat from it, but we both have decent careers that we’ve spent 30 years working at. We earn decent money, but get hosed in taxes like you won’t believe, but now we know where our federal tax dollars go.

    I would suggest going to a city like NY. The money is good, NYC law will have the minimum wage at $15/hr and if you are willing to work hard, there are tons of opportunities. If you are pro-gun ( I am) and not a liberal (I’m not) you’ll hate that part of it, but NYC is a good place for anyone to go, get started, make a career…….then get out.

    We are looking for a quiet, gun friendly, state that will leave us alone. We thought it was going to be Texas, Waco, in particular, but we’re disappointed. We are looking at a few places in Texas abs maybe tags where God is calling us, maybe not.

    The gist of it is this : if it’s as bad as you all day, don’t talk about it……get out. Roll the dice and go to a city and take a chance. You’d be surprised at the opportunities. Our daughter got a job in a company recruiting for finance sector jobs. She had no experience, but had a college degree in psychology…..for whatever that’s worth. In less than a year, she’s up to $60k. It’s not ever what she wants to do, but it pays the bills. If you’re willing to work hard, get out. I can’t believe I’m trying to sell NYC to anyone, because I want to get out so badly, but it’s a great place to make a career, then leave. Think about it. Being miserable doesn’t change if you just sit around complaining about it. Take that step.

    And thanks for talking us out of possibly mistakenly moving to New Mexico. God bless you all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Land of Entrapment says:

      Thank you for your kind words and advice. Unfortunately for me, I have obligations in this state that will see me being here for many years. These are things that that I can’t bring myself to turn my back on. I’m glad you made a good decision for yourself. Rest assured, I will be leaving as soon as possible. They don’t call New Mexico the lad of entrapment for nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Prime UltraFast for perishibles because if I’m honest with myself Smiths has jackshit, TraderJoes 10 miles from my house same? Nope fuck you. “We do not yet deliver to 875**”. Want a job and work to live? Nope how about half assed shit? Sure in spades. Rustic is fine. Palo Alto and Stanford are rustic. They don’t openly push out useful things like research parks, schools and jobs. Like I said yesterday. Keeping distant from a counteries junk is one thing. Keeping it casual? awsome do that. being a complete dick to your own residents with the most sasbackwards shit ever? Fuck that right up the ass with a barbed wire baseball bat. Screw Gov “I don’t give a fuck” Martinez. Screw Crapa Fe’s Shity Counsel. Fuck all of it to be honest.
    I can’t fucking wait to move and get my life back. I want the ocean, People that know how to laugh and have fun. So as far as I’m concerned they can take my potential skills and shove them up their ass. I’m out and moving someplace that isn’t fuckwit backwards.
    Because I can’t catch a god damn break in the land of TrashMent.


  22. Peter R Brockhoff says:

    Had our car stolen out of our drive way, a little over a week later APD calls and informs us they have found our car. Then they they tell us we have 30 minutes to pickup the car at the some location we could never make it to in 30 minutes. So off to the tow yard it goes, now we have to pay tow fees and who knows what other charges there will be. Every thing in this state is a scam to make money one way or another. We could not have driven to the location in that amount of time! I am sure the tow companies lobbied for this policy, and had some relative in the government to push it into law. I am a native New Mexican lived here all my life, should have gotten out of this place long ago, just like all my other siblings! Don’t get me wrong I love the land so many beautiful places to go, but the government sucks and a lot of the people do also! Once you get stuck here it is hard to get out, but this is my goal no matter what. The Land of Enchantment is not so enchanting when you live here! Like the old saying “great place to visit, but would not want to live there”


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